Kwik Stop - Topical Styptic Powder

Kwik Stop - Topical Styptic Powder

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Kwik Stop Topical Styptic Powder

Professional's Choice Since 1961

For over 50 years Kwik Stop has been used externally to control bleeding caused by nail trimming, tail docking and minor, superficial cuts. It is  topical styptic powder

Our Ingredients Make The Difference

Our main ingredient, Ferric Subsulfate is the highest grade (pharmaceutical quality) used for superior results. Ferric Subsulfate is a hemostatic agent which stops bleeding fast by contracting blood vessels.

The addition of Benzocaine eases pain and itching in minor wounds and allows for healing with minimal discomfort.

Kwik Facts:

  • Ferric Subsulfate Stops Bleeding Fast
  • Benzocaine Relieves Pain and Discomfort
  • On the Market for Over 50 Years
  • Made In USA

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