Montreal Puppy Classes - Kindergarten - Balanced Dog Training

Montreal Puppy Classes - Kindergarten - Balanced Dog Training

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Puppy Kindergarten Classes start your pup off on the right paw with our group classes, led by our certified Trainer Angel and Veterinary Technician for over 20 years’ experience. Force free and straight forward!


We see dogs as canine individuals, living in a world made for us, which they can learn to understand and enjoy with our help. Our classes are designed to train you, as the person responsible for their well-being, to guide them successfully through their life as a member of your family. Our classroom provides an ideal environment in which to learn the basics, but it is in the real world you will need to work on them and apply them on a constant basis.

We take a practical, force free, caring and positive approach to dog training, translating dog behavior to help us understand and set up our companions for success in our world. The more we understand the 'why' of our pets' behaviors, the easier it is to find a solution at the root and change for the long-term.

 Strong relationship and a balanced dog


4 Sessions - 75 minute classes weekly - 350$

Includes 10 minutes supervised free play

Bonus: Phone and email support throughout the month of classes !

Day: Saturdays

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Location: Angel Daycare & Spa - 930 Courcelle, 2nd Floor Montreal

Parking: Available on side of building

NEXT STARTING DATE:  Contact us to find out


Learn the basics to help you and your puppy live healthy, happy lives:

  • Canine health, care, feeding, and behavior
  • First steps: housebreaking, jumping up, chasing, barking, biting inhibition, resource guarding
  • First commands: leash walking, recall, basics (sit, stay, lie down)
  • Desensitization basics: ignoring and being comfortable with distractions

A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the course

Private dog training sessions


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