Naturally Fresh - Multi Cat Litter

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Naturally Fresh has always outshined both the clay and natural litter competition in neutralizing ammonia odors, but it just made its premium walnut shell blend even better. That’s thanks to a scentless counteractant that tackles both urine and fecal smells, an ideal feature for households with multiple cat kids.
Key Benefits
  • All-natural and annually renewable - Naturally Fresh is made from walnut shells, an annually renewable non-food agricultural product.
  • More Absorbent, Longer Lasting - One bag of is equal to three bags of the leading clay litter.
  • Hard clumps make cleanup simple and mess-free without having to scrape the box.
  • Unlike clay litter which often throws off silica dust, Naturally Fresh is virtually dust-free 
  • Naturally Fresh doesn’t stick to your cat’s paws so it’s not tracked throughout the house.
  • Made without any harmful ingredients, Naturally Fresh is safe for you and your cat or kitten.

Quantity: 6.35kg (14lb), or 11.8kg (26lb)

Naturally Fresh Multi Cat Odor Control Litter
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