Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive
Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive
Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive

Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive

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Water Additive for Dental Care

Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive is a safe, effective way to improve the condition of your pet's oral health. This water additive offers a variety of health benefits for your pet and the original formula is great for pets that are more picky. Each Bluestem product offers coactiv+™ technology, which is a unique formulation of food-grade ingredients which are proven to break down plaque and tartar on your dog or cat's teeth. This, in turn, keeps your pet's breath fresh and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria which may lead to various kinds of periodontal diseases.


  • Helps fight plaque and tartar
  • Freshens breath and improves oral hygiene
  • Original and chicken flavors available for dogs and cats
  • Vanilla mint flavor available for dogs only
  • Safe for daily use in all breeds and sizes
  • Does not foam or cause slimy residue in your pet’s water bowl
  • Can be used in most water fountains
  • Also available in cost-effective powder format for breeders and multi-pet households

 Just add 2 capfuls to 2.5 cups of your pet’s drinking water and you’re done. In an independent, Good Clinical Practice Efficacy, dogs were given bluestem water additive in their daily drinking water, and by 84 days showed a 25.4% reduction in tartar – without even brushing! Features & Benefits

The formula is scientifically formulated and scientifically shown to improve dog and cat oral health with consistent use. As humans, we can rinse and spit out oral care products, but dogs and cats generally swallow it. Because of this, Bluestem makes their products completely safe for daily consumption by keeping them free of xylitol, alcohol, and chlorhexidine. For best results, add 2 full caps of Bluestem Original Oral Care Water Additive (approximately 20 ml) to your pet's water daily.

bluestem oral care products contain 100% food-grade ingredients that are approved by Health Canada’s VHP program, as well as follow AAFCO guidelines. Furthermore, we have conducted a third-party safety study to ensure that our products are suitable for daily use.

Food-grade simply means that the ingredients are of a quality that is considered safe for use in foods, according to Health Canada.

Teeth brushing is the gold standard because it combines using an active solution (toothpaste) with the mechanical action of brushing (toothbrush). While this is the gold standard, it is not always an option for some pet owners. That is why we have developed a full lineup of products, besides our Toothpaste that include our coactiv+ technology because using something is better than nothing. Our solution-based products, such as our Water Additive and Oral Spray, can help reduce tartar by up to 25% all on their own, without a mechanical action. However, this percentage can increase dramatically if you add on a mechanical action of some kind, such as our Dental Chews, Dental Wipes, and Rawhide Dental Chews. Any of these can be used in combination for an effective daily oral care routine.

As for puppies and kittens, the ingredients of our products are generally considered as safe, but we usually suggest waiting until between 6 – 9 months of age, until all their adult teeth are in.

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