Grand Cru Dog - Red Meat Dehydrated Raw

Grand Cru Dog - Red Meat Dehydrated Raw

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CaniSource Grand Cru kibbles are made by using a unique low temperature dehydration process which retain nutrients and flavours. This balanced recipe uses human grade fresh ingredients without any sub-products. Your dog can enjoy its full benefits, regardless of breed and age. 

Key Benefits

  • Improved digestion: Because we only use high quality ingredients and proteins, preserving all nutrients with our unique dehydration process, these kibbles are easily digested
  • No more allergies: This food is chemical additives, preservatives and grains free
  • Disappearance of tartar: Fresh ingredients help maintain healthy bacterial flora in the dog's mouth, naturally fighting tartar
  • Improvement of joint mobility: As it preserves all nutrients and uses firt quality ingredients without chemical additives, CaniSource Grand Cru provides your dog everything it needs to keep healthy joints
  • A softer and shinier coat: This formula ensures the high nutrients content necessary for healthy skin and fur (human grade proteins, Omega-3 and 6, antioxidants)
  • No more burned grass because of dog's urine: Your dog's urine will display balanced nitrate levels and proper pH, keeping your grass as green as it should



Fresh Pork, Fresh Beef, White Rice, Whole Barley, Rolled Oats, Fresh Apples, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Eggs, Ground Flaxseeds, Antioxydant Herbal Mix, Vitamins and Minerals

Crude Protein :             27 % Min.
Crude Fat :                   16 % Min.
Crude Fibre :                  3 % Max.
Moisture :                        8 % Max.
Omega 3 fatty acids :   0.6 % Min.
Omega 6 fatty acids :   1.8 % Min.
Ash :                                5 % Max.
Calcium :                      1.2 % Min.
Metabolic energy :        459 calories / cup

Guides & Ressources

Weight of the dog : 6 kg 12 kg 20 kg 28 kg 39 kg 50 kg
Cup/day : ½ 1 2 3

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