Dog cosmetic teeth cleaning Montreal
cosmetic Dog teeth cleaning Montreal
Dental cleaning for dogs cats montreal
Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs
veterinary teeth dental hygiene Montreal
dog mouth for teeth cleaning montreal best cosmetic  teeth cleaning grooming
Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs
Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs
Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs

Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning for Cats and Dogs

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Kissable K9 Care offers Cosmetic Dental Cleanings is Anaesthesia-Free Teeth Cleanings. It includes hand scaling the visible crown of the tooth on dogs. These cleanings are done while our guests are awake.

Price : Only 189.99$ 

Most dogs should have their first dental cleaning at 2 years of age. Small breed dogs should definitely receive care no later than one year of age. You don't want to wait much longer than this, as signs of periodontal disease are commonly seen by these ages. 

Teeth brushing is important. It eliminates food particles and bacteria from the teeth. Without brushing, the particles adhere to the teeth. Bacteria then feed on these particles and produce tartar. This leads to dental disease, which causes bad breath, tooth loss, and pain. Should your pup need extra dental attention , a veterinarian will be refered to you. 

Duration :  45 - 60 minutes. 

TOTAL Price : 189.99 $

Deposit required 40.00 $

Book now and transform your pets oral hygiene to a healthy mouth for lots of kisses. Routine visits and regual teeth brushing is highly recommended every 6 months. 

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