Neo Paws - Regular Performance Neoprene Dog Boots

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 The upper is a water-resistant neoprene and the sole is made of an injection moulded rubber for added strength. Although the sole does differ and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance shoe, the Regular shoes are also extremely durable, built with toe caps and reinforced heels. Ideal for swimming and to protect pool liners, or simply for walking and running, in rain or snow, with your Best Friend and comfort the dog that suffers from hip dysplasia and dragging paws.
Key Benefits
  • Protects against snow, rain & mud
  • Water resistant neoprene protects the ankle
  • Rubber sole is tough to protect your pup's paws
  • Increases comfort for dogs with hip dysplasia and dragging paws
  • Comes with 2 shoes

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