Antler Chewz MiniChewz Original for Dogs 10LBS or Less
Antler Chewz MiniChewz Original for Dogs 10LBS or Less

Antler Chewz MiniChewz Original for Dogs 10LBS or Less

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Like puppies, adult dogs also chew for comfort. They like to put just about anything in their mouths when they are roaming around on a walk or playing indoors. Using Antler Chewz will help you care for your dogs’ dental health. You can keep his/her teeth clean and the gums free of infections. These chews are full of calcium and phosphorus, which naturally come shed deer antler. Wild deer shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process, after which the deer re-grow another set. They don’t contain any plastics, petrochemicals, empty starches or artificial flavors. Better still, Antler Chewz don’t splinter. Some bones, like chicken bones, splinter easily. 

Key Benefits

  • Last much longer than rawhide
  • Low in calories unlike pig ears and similar treats
  • All natural with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Contains minerals which are good for your pet
  • Odorless and will not splinter easily like livestock bones
  • Helps to clean your dog's teeth

Some reasons for chewing:
Attention: “Will you play a game?” If your dog learns that you get up and chase him around after picking something up in his mouth (such as your shoe), he will quickly learn that this is a great way to get your attention.
Separation Anxiety: “Please don’t leave me alone.” If your dog suffers distress when left alone, they can be destructive. Chewing helps them relax. It gives them a sense of control and comfort.
Boredom: “I need something to do.” Dogs left alone for long periods or who are neglected, receiving inadequate mental and physical stimulation are likely to become bored. 

Your care and attention are a crucial part of your dogs well being. Antler Chewz™ can be a great tool to support dental health, supply nutrients and relieve anxiety.

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