Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health
Buco+ oral health

Buco+ oral health

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For cats and dogs | 6 months or older

buco+ is a 100% natural supplement, effective in preventing and reducing oral problems such as bad breath, tartar and plaque.

Simply sprinkle on your pet’s food for fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums without brushing.

100% natural and balanced formula

Avoid serious health problems related to poor dental hygiene

  • Top-quality functional ingredients
  • No fillers
  • Safe and effective product with clinically proven results
  • Ethically tested
  • GMO-free
  • Quick-acting
  • No aftertaste, no added flavours (does not affect your animal’s food consumption)


Pharmaceutical-grade prebiotic fiber (dextrin), Ovo protein (egg yolk), Bacillus subtilis.

Veterinary health product NN.X6I3


Sprinkle one pouch per day on your pet's food for a minimum of 35 consecutive days and up to 56 consecutive days.

For prevention and maintenance, continue giving twice a week, or as needed.

If your pet eats two meals per day, mix the pouch’s contents with both meals for maximum results.

- The rapidity of results may vary depending on your animal’s general oral health.

- Store in a cool, dry place.

- Do not refrigerate.

Mode of action

Some anaerobic bacteria that are naturally present in the mouth cause bad breath by emitting sulphur-containing compounds.

Food residue and certain oral bacteria cause plaque to form. Due to calcium deposits, the plaque hardens, forming tartar.

Another group of oral anaerobic bacteria naturally present in the mouth, Porphyromonas, produces a destructive enzyme called gingipain.

Gingipain attacks and breaks down the mouth’s natural defences, damages the oral cavity and increases the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria, causing bad breath and plaque. This affects the health of the gums and can eventually lead to tooth loss.

buco+ contain an exclusive ingredient that neutralizes gingipain and its toxic effects.

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