Dog walking

Our trained *Angels* offer you peace of mind knowing that your dogs are being cared for and are having fun even when you are not there! Every Angel goes through the same training to ensure walks). Would your pup love to play with other doggy friends or prefer their own guardian angels walks).  Let us know ! Request services now and see how good your dogs can be when they exercise during the day. No more destruction! No more accidents. You will find your dogs more happy and calm.Frequency of walks can be as much or as little as you want. Give us the days and we will reserve. That easy!We also involve you as loving pet parents to enjoy daily detailed notes written in our personalised Les Anges Gardiennes orange booklets. Facebook posts and updates are included so you too can see how much fun your pups are having with their loving Angels.Group Dog walks typically take place from Monday to Friday between 11am and 3pm, but other days and times can also be arranged depending upon availabilities. A 3 hour grace period is taken into account. Personalized private walks may be requested. Group walks are accepted once your dog has had 1 or more private walk and has passed our group assessment test. Your dog may also be asked to go back to private if our Angels feel group become unbalanced.

PRIVATE WALK TIME FRAME : 9am - 12pm / 11am - 3pm / 2pm - 5pm / 5 - 8pm