Pet Services

PET SITTING SERVICES We know how important your fur babies are to you. That is why The Guardian Angels has been recommended by veterinarians for almost 15 years. Our Angels make it a priority to ensure they are getting lot's of head and belly rubs, our docile attitude bring out the best in your babies even those that rather stay alone. We want you to be worry free knowing that your pet's are under The Guardian Angels wings. Like and share us on facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and mention us on twitter. Visit us often as we have updates and even post pictures of your pets!*Pet sitting visits include: washing water bowls, fresh food + water, scooping the litter box, posting updates + photos to Facebook and a note during our last visit to let you know how much fun we had.Ask for a complete litter box wash at the end of your vacation so  fresh and clean when you get home!Still a little anxious? Request periodic updates with pictures so you can continue having a nice trip worry-free.

PAWJAMA PARTY (OVERNIGHT STAYS)This service is gaining in popularity! 7 pm to 7am One of our loving Angles will live in your home to love and care for your pet's. During their time they will play with them, ensure cleanliness, administer medication if need be, water plants, and read them a bed time story before bed. What better service then knowing someone is cuddling with your furs just like they are used too! (Recommended mostly for elders and young cats, and those who have recently moved into new home)