Grooming for Dogs

Book your dog's spa day today! Your dog will love to be pampered and clean, all while enjoying a whole day with friends at doggy daycare before being groomed at our location on Courcelle in Saint Henri. We use top quality shampoo and conditioner, but feel free to request a hypoallergenic alternative.

Ask about our hot oil treatment, de-conditioning sessions for puppies and extra love and attention for older dogs who need some TLC.

You can also request grooming services when your dog vacations with Les Anges Gardiennes. Your pet will be clean and smelling great when they return home to you. You'll definitely give them lots of hugs and kisses!


Paw-dicure (nail clipping)

$25 + tax

Wash + Blow Dry (bath, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, paw-dicure)

starting at $45 + tax

Pet Spa Day Package (bath, blow dry, cut/trim, brush, ear cleaning, paw-dicure)

starting at $55 + tax

Dental Hygiene (teeth brushing with enzymatic toothpaste)

$10 + tax

Stinky Situation (anal gland expression)

$15 + tax

Paw-dicure at Home

$35 + tax


 *Prices for trims or shaving dogs may vary depending on breed, condition of coat and behaviour while getting groomed. De-mat fees may apply.



There's no better place for your dog to get a paw-dicure than in the comfort of their own home.

Paw-dicures can also be requested when your dog vacations with us or during their dog walking adventures with us. Sign them up for monthly scheduled visits!