Health & Vaccines:

Pets must present proof of up-to-date vaccines, as well as be free of parasites and contagious diseases, if you wish us to bring your pup to the dog park or opt for Group Walks.


Your pup must be wearing a collar (or harness), as well as an ID tag with your contact information and their City Permit tag for walks. If your dog does not have an ID tag, we will limit our walks to a short potty break with indoor playtime.
Any fines which may result from an expired or missing City Permit tag are your full and sole responsibility.

Group / Pack Walks:

Group walks are offered once we have had a chance to walk your dog privately first to help us build a trusting bond with them. They are also conditional upon vaccines and flea/tick/worm preventatives being up to date, dogs being spayed / neutered after 7 months, and being social with all other dogs.
Group walks are dependent on availability in your neighbourhood and a successful trial walk with the other pups.