CaniSource Grand Cru is made with the same ingredients found in your own nutrition.  100% natural. Formulas are made of raw meat, raw fish and other fresh food, dehydrated at low temperature. This unique fabrication process preserves most of the recognized benefits of raw food, serving them in handy kibbles.  In just 4 weeks, you should see the first positive effects of CaniSource Grand Cru on your dog: improved digestion, a shinier and silkier coat, cleaner teeth, increased joint mobility. Unique low temperature slow dehydration process preserves all of the original nutrients in raw foods without using any chemical additives.

      No more allergies

      You won't find any chemical additives in our dog food. Most allergies are actually caused by commonplace additives, found in traditional kibbles. Here are some reactions that disappear when you start feeding CaniSource Grand Cru: chronic or recurrent ear infections, reddened skin, paw biting, excessive hair loss or even balding areas.